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Timberwolves meet the Boilers
Sue Scott

Students at Wea Ridge Elementary School had an opportunity to catch a pass from a Big 10 quarterback and hoop it up with a conference champ. Purdue football player Hudson Card and basketball player Camden Heide joined an afterschool intramural program to share a message with the students about sportsmanship and teamwork.

The student athletes also conducted a variety of drills to help students see what it takes to play the game. Hudson worked on tracking and catching the ball, while Camden led a series of basketball warmups.

Teacher Michela Rieck says there was a lot of help and encouragement, as well as laughs and hugs. “Hudson and Camden worked really well with the kids and created a bond with them by putting in the time to help them,” says Rieck. “The two athletes showed these students how much they cared!”

The Wea students left the session inspired, along with an autographed photo of the student athletes.

Camden Heide helps lead drills
Hudson Card talks to students
Students with autographed photos