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TSC marks 100th day of school
Sue Scott

The style trend among elementary students and staff: hair rollers, suspenders, bow ties, pearl necklaces, glasses and gray hair. January 24 marked the 100th day of school. Classes celebrated reaching this milestone by dressing like a centenarian and participating in various activities.

Mayflower Mill Elementary School teacher Megan Keller says the 100th day of school is important for kindergarten students because it marks a huge milestone. “For many children this is the first time they have attended school full days. That is a lot of learning and new experiences,” says Keller. “We spend an entire week learning about the number of 100 by incorporating a variety of cross-curricular activities. We practice predicting to see if it will take more or less than 100 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop and we use teamwork to use 100 items to build something cool.”

“One fun activity was rotating kindergarten students through the 100 day STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) stations,” says Hershey Elementary School teacher Constance Painter. “Celebrating today is important because we mark the milestone that we have been in our first year of school for 100 days.”

“This day is an opportunity to celebrate all the small achievements that have brought our students to day 100,” says Woodland Elementary School teacher Shae Zimmerman. “We focus not only on the number sense that 100's day offers—counting to 100, counting by 10's, grouping by 10's etc., but we also spend time thinking with our students about 100 things we've learned, 100 words we're working on and how much growth they've made in just 100 days. This is a celebration of all they've done thus far and a kickoff for the rest of year's learning too.”

"100s Man," a mathematical super hero, made an appearance at Cole Elementary School to help kindergarten students celebrate their knowledge and promote numbers. The caped numbers cruncher helped energize the students to continue to work hard and finish strong.

Mayflower Mill students dress for 100th day of school
Dayton staff members dress up for 100th day
Cole students participating in counting activities
Hershey students dressed up for the 100th day of school
Hershey students dressed for 100th day