Tippecanoe School Corporation
TSC students celebrate 100 days smarter
Sue Scott

Elementary schools throughout the corporation celebrated an important milestone: the 100th day of school. Many students and staff members dressed the part of a centenarian with their hair in rollers or powdered white, while wearing glasses and bathrobes.

Dayton Elementary School Principal Ryan Simmons says there’s a lot of work that leads up to this milestone. During community circles each day, many of our classrooms keep a count on the number of school days. When they reach 100 days, they celebrate that accomplishment,” says Simmons. “We invite our staff and students to dress like they are 100 years old to celebrate the day. It is a great day to reflect on how the students have grown in the past 100 days and how much they have learned so far this school year.”

Hershey Elementary School held a parade to showcase all the students dressed up to look 100 years old. “Students get to show all they know about counting, grouping, sorting, measuring and much more,”  says kindergarten teacher Dawn Moon. “We celebrate all the learning we have done, and the learning yet to come.” 

The hallways of Klondike Elementary School were filled with excitement as well. Students in Olivia Winstead’s kindergarten class decorated t-shirts with 100 items, as well as created fruit loop necklaces and trail mix. “This is a special milestone where we can celebrate how hard our students have worked during this unique time in our community,” says Winstead.

Mintonye kindergarten classes had parent volunteers come in to do a station day with them. The students did a variety of activities including a Mystery Number puzzle, made trail mix with 100 items and graphed 100 M&Ms. “It’s a day that celebrates math, but shows how math is incorporated into reading, writing and social studies,” says Delp. 

Third grade students in Barb Tilley’s class did several activities to mark the 100th day. They estimated how much space 100 candies would fill, predicted if 100 licks would get them to the center of a tootsie pop, aged themselves with a photo booth app and wrote about what life might be like when they are 100 years old.

Mintonye teacher Andrea Lawson says today marks the 1,000th day for her fifth grade students. Their class activities included writing a letter to their future selves, math and crafts. Exercise included 100 seconds of sit-ups, jumping jacks and pushups.

Some Wyandotte Elementary School students wore crowns to signify the 100th day, as well as aged themselves with sweaters, ties and suspenders. “On this day, we reflect on what we have learned and accomplished so far this year,” says kindergarten teacher Ariana Gallardo. “We also discuss all of the learning yet to come. We re-visit our hopes and dreams from the beginning of the year to see how close we are to reaching our goals. This day is full of excitement and gives us many opportunities to reflect. I hope that my students leave today knowing that they have achieved a major milestone and they have a bright future ahead!”

Video: TSC Celebrates the 100th Day of School 2022