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TSC teacher gets boost from Big 10
Sue Scott

A Wea Ridge Elementary School teacher walked onto the football field with several other educators December 3 during the Big Ten Conference Championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium. The College Football Playoff Foundation and the Big Ten Conference recognized Behavioral Support Coach Kristin Chesterman and nine other educators with grants to support their innovative educational initiatives.

Chesterman says walking onto the field was surreal: “When they announced who we were as a group, the roar of support from the crowd...it just gave me goosebumps. As we left the field and headed back to our seats, people on the sidelines and in the stands were yelling, ‘Thank you teachers. Teachers are amazing.’”

Each teacher received an Extra Yard for Teachers grant for up to $4,000 to support their projects. Chesterman will purchase items to help students who use her intervention room, called the ‘Anchor Room.’ “When students enter my room for a small group lesson or simply to return to a brain state more conducive for learning, I want them to have a variety of sensory items from which to choose that will work best for their nervous system,” says Chesterman. “I will be receiving two Self-Regulation Classroom Cruisers (classroom bikes designed for rhythmic movement), a trampoline, weighted balance balls, stack motion stools, rocker chairs, wobble cushions and a variety of soft seating options.”

Chesterman says the multi-sensory options will 'anchor,’ or ground, the students when they enter the Anchor Room.

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