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Wea Ridge celebrates reading with a parade
Sue Scott

Clifford the Big Red Dog, dinosaurs and Thing One and Thing Two walked the hallways at Wea Ridge Elementary School as part of the school's book parade to celebrate reading. Students dressed as a character or created a float based upon a book of their choice.

Fifth grade teacher Sara Wright said the event is a great way to get students excited about reading: “The best part of the parade was seeing the variety of books represented and the creativity of the students.”

Student Eliza Shepler created her float using a wagon. She made a tree with owls to represent the series, “Owl Diaries.” 

Fifth graders, Lydia and Josie, created a float from a wagon to represent the book “The Lemonade War.”

Alex and Brinn Neal choose to dress up as characters from the book “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

Lola Shaw used a wagon to create a float for one of her favorite books “Charlotte's Web.” She had animals on her float to represent each of the characters.

Everett Ferger created a Grinch theme wagon complete with a tree and working lights to represent “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”

Eliza and her Owl Diaries parade entry
A knight, a princess and a dinosaur
Student with his float with Christmas tree and Grinch pajamas
students with their lemonade stand parade entry