Tippecanoe School Corporation
Grant develops interactive playground
Sue Scott

A grant from the Public Schools Foundation of Tippecanoe will enhance student imagination and activity during recess at Wea Ridge Elementary School. A group, led by fifth-grade teacher Sara Wright, used stencils and paint to convert asphalt into an interactive playground.

"By turning a mundane boring blacktop into an interactive play area students' cognitive, social and emotional skills will increase," says Wright. "There are ways to encourage a physically-active recess without adding structured, planned adult-led games. The children can play Foursquare, Twister, Hopscotch or create their own games.

The playground has brightly painted footprints, lines, a measuring stick and more to encouraging students to hop, step, shuffle and gallop. The images also include labels in English and Spanish.

Tate and Lyle provided some funding for this grant.

painting playground
Mom and daughter work together to paint