Tippecanoe School Corporation

Student Handbook

The TSC Board of Trustees’ Student Attendance/Absentee policy states: There is educational value in a student being present in class. Pupils who are not in attendance cannot receive maximum educational benefits. The entire process of education requires continuity of instruction, classroom participation, learning experiences, and study in order for each child to attain his/her maximum educational potential.

It is the policy of the Tippecanoe School Corporation that all students enrolled in its schools shall be in attendance during each regular school term.

Two elements must be completed in a satisfactory manner in order for students to qualify for grade promotion or earn course credit:

A. Academic grade level or course requirements as defined by school corporation policy and teacher expectations.

B. Satisfactory class attendance as defined by Tippecanoe School Corporation Policy.

For all absences, parents are to notify the school office prior to the start of school.

When the student or parents know in advance that the student will be missing school for a pre-planned event, such as a family vacation, requests must be made to the school prior to the date of the event.

In order to qualify for grade promotion or course credit, a student must be present in class 90% of the class enrollment days or course periods.

Indiana law mandates compulsory attendance as stated in Section 20-8.1-3-17 Indiana Code. Any student who demonstrates excessive absences/tardies and is in violation of the stated school attendance policy will be referred to Truancy Mediation. Truancy Mediation will determine what court action is warranted.